Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Nimaawanji’idimin Giiwitaashkodeng: We are all gathering around the fire

The following are resources and information related to the Nimaawanji'idimin Giiwitaashkodeng: We are All Gathering Around the Fire project, led by Nisogaabokwe Melonee Montano and Evan Larson. Nisogaabokwe Melonee Montano is a graduate student at the University of Minneosta and a Red Cliff tribal member, and Evan Larson is a professor and dendrochronologist at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Their project, funded by the Wisconsin Sea Grant program, combines tree-ring data with Indigenous cultural knowledge to understand the role of fire, or Ishkode, in the Minnesota and Wisconsin points and how returning fire to the area would contribute to cultural and ecological restoration. The overarching goal of the project is to “restore the cultural use of Ishkode to increase the resilience of the ecosystem and to maintain “miinan” (blueberries), a key traditional food source among the Anishinaabe”. You can learn more about this incredible work at the links below.

The Stories Trees Tell—a news article written by Marie Zhuikov of the Wisconsin Sea Grant program that highlights the project, Anishinaabe relationships with fire, and the importance of storytelling.

Fire, Blueberries and Treaty Rights—a 45 minute podcast produced by the Wisconsin Sea Grant program that explores the themes of environmental justice and equity through considering the relationships among people, fire, blueberries and pines

River Talk: Working with Fire to Heal the Land on Wisconsin and Minnesota Points – a 1.5 hour lecture and webinar hosted by the River Talks speaker series that reports the results of the tree-ring research on Zhaagawamikong Neyaashi.

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