Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Storymap for Community Wildfire Preparedness

A new storymap for the St. Louis County Community Wildfire Protection Plan helps share knowledge about wildfire risk in Northern Minnesota and how a Community Wildfire Protection Plan can help protect your community from the worst of wildfire season.  

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan, or a CWPP for short, is a community based plan developed collaboratively amongst community members and land management agencies to achieve a common goal. The main goal of a CWPP is to help a community be more wildfire resilient. CWPPs address a variety of issues, including wildfire response, hazardous fuels, community preparedness, and structure protection.  

Special thanks to Josh Wink, Dovetail's Georgia-Pacific Research Intern for Fire Adapted Communities, for developing this educational resource.  

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