Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Become a Neighborhood Ambassador

Would you like to help your neighborhood or community be prepared before, during and after a wildland wildfire event? If the answer is yes, then how about considering being a “Neighborhood Ambassador”? Be part of a group of dedicated community members who do just that.

What is the role of a Neighborhood Ambassador? 

Some actions might be:

1. Help engage and motivate neighbors to implement actions to help properties be more resilient to wildfire.

        - Experience and research have shown that most people want to do something -----they just don’t know what to do.

        - Research also shows that people will make choices based on advice or behavior of family, friends or neighbors. Some trusted source.

        - You know your neighbors. Sometimes it is much easier for you to speak with your neighbors than an “outsider”.

2. A Neighborhood Ambassador is NOT a “shaming” role. 

          But, rather a person who can link your neighbors with wildfire information and technical assistance from firefighting and land management agencies.

3. Assist in recruiting and mentoring other neighborhood ambassadors.

4. Organize neighborhood informational events, chipper days, neighborhood clean up, and disposal sites.

Another goal is to provide consistency, be able to track and actually see the difference, improve your community’s chance of obtaining funding opportunities, gain recognition not only in your local area, but, regionally and nationally regarding your communities wildfire resiliency efforts.

If you would like to know more about how you can be a neighborhood ambassador in your area contact your local Firewise Coordinator.

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