Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Native Plant Communities of Minnesota Field Guide

This three-volume series of statewide field guides organized by Minnesota’s ecological provinces is intended to promote better understanding of the patterns and processes that characterize and influence Minnesota’s vegetation. The guides, developed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, contain keys to the identification of native plant communities in Minnesota and fact sheets with information on community composition and structure, landscape setting, soils, and natural history. Summaries of  ecological systems highlight the ecological processes that shape the terrestrial and palustrine vegetation of the state. 

The field guides are intended for anyone interested in the variety and ecology of Minnesota’s native vegetation. The hierarchical construction of the plant community classification and its linkage to ecological map units are specifically designed to meet the needs of land managers, field surveyors, and researchers working at a variety of scales.

  • Lead AuthorMinnesota DNR
  • DateJanuary 2005
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