Building wildfire resiliency in the communities throughout Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Tips for Backyard Wildfire Resiliency

Speakers presented on fire behavior, how to create “defensible space” around your structures, fire resilient building materials, and native plantings that are less flammable.  The interactive webinar content includes video footage of presenters showing how you can do this work on your own property. 

Speakers include:

  • Jeffery Jackson, MN DNR Regional Firewise Specialist 
  • Ryan Miller, Vermilion Community College Natural Resource instructor
  • Todd Armbruster Lake/Cook County Firewise Coordinator
  • Gloria Erickson, St. Louis County Firewise Coordinator and Dovetail Partners team member

This workshop was partially supported by the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net). Dovetail Partners is a proud member of FAC Net, which is an active, engaged and growing network of individuals and organizations who exchange information, collaborate to enhance the practice of fire adapted communities, and work together at multiple scales to help communities live safely with fire. This includes embracing resiliency concepts and taking action before, during and after wildfires.

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